Welcome to Tremolo Paddles

Caleb davis, paddle maker and canoeing instructor

For the earlier part of my adulthood, I was an athletic director and teaching full-time while developing Tremolo part-time. I have hand-crafted well over 1,500 cherry and black walnut cruising paddles. I have also been certified as a paddling instructor both in Canada and the United States. Each of my paddles takes seven to eight hours to craft by hand. I truly enjoy the process and the required patience it takes to complete a paddle. Each paddle has a bit of me in it.

Many people ask why I make narrow, long-bladed, one-piece wooden paddles when wider ones (also synthetic or glued) are currently so popular with paddle manufacturers. After more than 50 years on the water and having tested a myriad of paddle shapes and materials, I strongly believe that the longer, narrower one-piece wooden blades not only provide the same cruising speed as the currently favored wider, shorter blades, but are more versatile, less stressful on the body and provide a better feel for the water. It is these qualities, as well as the unrivaled beauty of traditional wooden paddles that has given me a passion for this style and for sharing it with other paddlers both in sales, paddle-making classes and canoeing skills classes. 

With that said, I invite you to explore the “tremolo paddles” website and learn more about the beauty and ease of traditional style wooden paddles.